To view the paintings in the forthcoming exhibition please visit Jonathan Cooper, Park Walk Gallery, London (Forthcoming Exhibition: ‘There Never Was a Finer Day’, Landscape Painting of Wessex, 16 October – 8 November 2014).

James has solo exhibitions and participates in mixed exhibitions in London and the West Country. He also welcomes visits to his Somerset studio. The paintings illustrated include commissioned work, paintings sold in exhibitions and some work which is available and for sale. If you would like more information about any of these paintings or invitations to exhibitions or open studio events please e-mail.

Click on a painting for title and size. All the work is painted in egg tempera.


"If he has become known and sought after in the last few years it is entirely on his own terms. He himself describes his development in very practical terms: "I've always painted landscapes, then the animals got in, and they got bigger and bigger…." He has always been fascinated by skies, and the light which comes from them. He tells us he "always works from the sky downward" and remembers that as a child, both his parents being obsessive amateur fliers, he spent most of his weekends "looking up at the sky, waiting for my parents to drop out of it". This more than casual meteorological interest in skies has recently produced some paintings as near as James Lynch has got to abstraction, isolating windows full of nothing but quietly, glowing sky. He is still developing, following his own inner light with an assiduity little short of obsessive. That at least should guarantee that wherever it leads him he is unlikely ever to disappoint us by emerging completely, prosaically, into the light of common day." John Russell Taylor