James Lynch



James Lynch grew up in Wiltshire and lives in Somerset. Since his first sell-out exhibition in the West Country in the 1980s he has won awards, exhibited regularly in London and received many commissions from private clients and corporations. He is a keen paraglider pilot and this ‘wild flying’ with buzzards inspires many of his skyscapes and landscape paintings. He is also known for his atmospheric paintings of animals and birds set in the Wessex landscape.

His next exhibition will be at the Portland Gallery, London in October 2024.

James paints using the ancient medium of egg tempera using pure ground pigments, egg yolk and water and the paintings have a distinctive translucent glow.

“One can hardly imagine a more laborious, slow-maturing process. It probably accounts for the extraordinary sense of balance Lynch achieves in his work, as though he is placing us at the still centre of the moving world.” John Russell Taylor

His studio is on a ridge overlooking the Somerset Levels. He welcomes enquiries and commissions.

James is married to painter Kate Lynch and their daughter, Alice Mary Lynch is a designer and doll maker.

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